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Simplified property reports with national coverage
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SmartProp® Property Reports
SmartProp offers a comprehensive property title search report that includes current and prior owners in the chain of title, deeds, mortgages, judgments and liens, Taxes, bankruptcies and other pertinent details. All of this is delivered using a nationwide access to online data, robust abstractor network and an experienced production team. SmartProp online platform provides real time access for tracking order status, place new orders, change status, add comments, and download the completed report and all of this on the go.
What does SmartProp cover?
Some of the products supported by SmartProp include
arrow Current owner search of the property or vesting information arrow Property conveyance from the prior owner to the current owner
arrow Full title search arrow Open mortgages
arrow Judgments & Liens arrow Tax information and status
arrow Legal descriptions arrow City liens
arrow Trustee sale guaranteed search arrow REO report
arrow 24 Month/ IPMM Reports arrow Beneficiary Check Reports
arrow State UCC arrow County UCC
How SmartProp works
arrow You can place orders by visiting the website and logging in to the account or via email. It is also possible to integrate SmartProp with your production system. Orders placed can be either Single order or Bulk orders.
arrow The system will give you the details the pricing and turn-around time for your orders. Having placed the order, you can change priority anytime to RUSH or CANCEL.
arrow You can also get real time access for tracking status and managing your orders. You will receive an email once your order is in processing
arrow Through SmartProp, our title searcher reviews and identifies if the order can be completed through online sites or a manual abstractor needs to assigned to prepare the property report
arrow Once SmartProp is updated with information by in-house team or by the abstractor network, it is assigned for quality control. The title examiner insures the report has no missing information
arrow You will be notified about your order status or order completion on your registered email id. The completed report is available for download online. The data can also be exported to excel or PDF.
SmartProp Benefits:
Simplified Comprehensive property reports
SmartProp generates accurate uninsured property reports with comprehensive information on ownership, encumbrances, liens, taxes, legal description etc. The report is presented user friendly format and saved online for easy access.
Timely Delivery
We deliver you accurate property reports at 50% faster turnaround time leveraging our technology and market expertise; using our Trust Network to ensure we meet your timeline requirements.
Nationwide Coverage
SmartProp used paid and free databases to access accurate property information. If an order can’t be completed online then SmartProp uses its extensive network of abstractors across all states to obtain desired information. We have a capable team of abstractors across the nation and can deliver to meet your exact requirements.
Superior tracking and online status
SmartProp is backed by a robust technology platform which enables tracking of orders, its fulfillment and easy online access to the property reports. Leveraging technology, we ensure quality and superior customer experience.
No claims and rejections
SmartProp uses the best available online information databases as well as offline networks to gather the most comprehensive data available. In addition, both input orders and outputs reports go through stringent quality checks by experts and are reviewed for accuracy and completeness to reduce any potential rejections.
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