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SmartRec® e-Recording

SmartRec solution helps you record mortgage and title documents electronically without having to deal with the traditional mail or courier services. This avoids timely submission of documents, eliminate errors, enables verification and quick corrections, and allows tracking of the recording process. The SmartRec solution lets you use a single platform to submit documents to multiple jurisdictions and reduces the number of systems you need to integrate with.
Electronic recording via SmartRec significantly reduces errors and therefore the rejections rates. SmartRec also enables the provider to manage the county payments and other fees electronically and at a single location which makes the reconciliation of payment accounts very easy.
How is it different?
In the traditional paper based process, documents & payments are physically sent to the recording office. The receiver records the documents and sends the recorded documents back to the submitter via courier or mail. Depending upon local practices, this could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. In case of rejections by the recording office (e.g. due to wrong amount of fees, or incomplete documentation), additional time may be spent sending the corrected documents back.
How does SmartRec e-Recording work?
arrow Use of Email, Fax, FTP to transfer the recording documents to the SmartRec queue
arrow SmartRec quality team will do a thorough verification of documents and confirm if they are good for recording
arrow The SmartRec system then sends the documents to the appropriate receiver or county recorder's office after computing the appropriate fees and checking the documents
arrow The county reviews the documents, and verifies fees
arrow Documents are then accepted for recording, stamped and returned securely via SmartRec.
arrow In case the documents are rejected, the SmartRec team quickly reviews the comments, and if required, contacts the customer for further information or action
arrow Any payments or fees that are required for e-Recording can be paid online using the SmartRec platform
SmartRec Benefits
Increased efficiency
Manual Recording can be an inefficient process as documents are sent by mail or courier, and can also lead to misplaced documents and delayed recording. Electronic transmittal and recording via SmartRec is far more efficient and convenient to track
Minimize rejections
SmartRec experts review the completeness of all documents before sending it to the receiver. Errors in recording fees are minimized by using the updated database of recording charges in SmartRec, which has customized details of fees by state and county. This saves documents from getting rejected at the recorder's office because of wrong fees and charges.
Robust technology platform
SmartRec allows the sender to prioritize requests – so urgent requests can be handled first. The workflow is supported by a robust technology platform which keeps all parties updated on the status to avoid delays.
Manage rejections and communications with the Recorder
SmartRec experts review the documents and work with the recorder to try and rectify any errors. They also communicate with the submitter to resolve any issues early which saves rework and rejections.
Better control
SmartRec closely tracks the progress of the documents and allows prompt status reporting. In case of recording by traditional methods (courier, mail) it is much harder to keep track of the recording process.
Electronic payments
The SmartRec platform allows for payments electronically. All the fees for a customer can be combined into one or more payments, which can be paid electronically. Customers can also obtain detailed historical billing information.
Ensure secure delivery and receipt of recorded documents SmartRec uses industry-leading encryption to transmit documents, and has restricted access based on access control lists, thus ensuring that all documents are received securely and delivered in a secure manner to the parties authorized for the transaction.
Our Experience
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