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FAQ – Business Process Outsourcing Offshore Operations

General Offshore Outsourcing

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What is Outsourcing?
Why should I outsource work?
What does SLK Global guarantee if I outsource to them?
What kind of work can I outsource?
What is offshoring (versus outsourcing)?
Is my organization too small to consider outsourcing?
Can I really convert my fixed costs to variable costs?
In this environment, does outsourcing/ offshoring make sense?

SLK Global and Outsourcing Companies

Why should I choose SLK Global over other outsourcers?
What are SLK Global’s key competencies?
Is SLK Global a stable and dependable organization?
Where is SLK Global located?
Is my information safe with SLK Global?
I already work with outsource services/ offshore providers. Why should I additionally consider SLK Global?
Will I have to invest money, resources and time to start?
Is SLK Global’s promise “too good to be true”?
What is SLK Global’s overall partnership philosophy?

SLK Global Offshore Operations Services

How do we start work with SLK Global?
Will someone from SLK Global be present at our location?
How will SLK Global work on our systems and processes?
How does SLK Global team communicate with me?
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