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Contact Center Solutions
Potential ways to benefit from SLK Global's expertise in Contact Center support services :
Allows you to focus on your core business while we attend to your customer requests
Win new clients using SLK Global’s customer acquisition services
24 x7x365 support helps you address and close customer requests/problems quickly
Improve customer retention
Close monitoring of customer service calls by tracking call parameters including average handling time, first call resolution rate, abandonment rate etc.
SLK Global’s Customer Contact services range across the entire Customer Life Cycle
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operations Support
  • Customer Default Management
  Services Offered
Lead Generation
Cross Selling/Upselling
Market Research/ Survey
Inbound Call center
Outbound call Center
A sample list of services that we offer include:
Centralized Customer Support
Centralized support for email requests received from the customers of our largest Banking client
Online chat support
Online chat support provided to customers of a Risk Management Firm specializing in mortgage originator due diligence, to help them set up their profile on a third party due diligence system
Tax Research Services
Tax serTax services are provided to several title agents, vendor management companies and leading title underwriters. This service requires verification of current and delinquent tax information on properties, as well as verifications of tax sale and bankruptcy information
Flood Zone Determination
This service is provided to the Flood Insurance industry to determine the flood zone severity levels for any property. SLK Global calls local agencies - county, city, real estate offices to determine the exact location of the property whenever the information cannot be obtained by using the property information databases, GIS imaging, FEMA maps, etc.
Customer survey
This process iThis process is for the telemarketing/ consumer database management/ lead generation industry. SLK Global calls consumers to persuade them to participate in surveys to help generate leads for several consumer industries (e.g. telecom, direct to home television, charity, consumer items)
Payment Protection Insurance Claims
This process is for the claims processing industry. SLK Global calls consumers with information about potential legal claims and sets up appointments for visit to complete the claims process. It also follows up to help customers complete the claims forms, and return them for processing
Collections/ Skip Trace
Outbound dialing forOutbound dialing for collections. Necessary keying and indexing to support all skip trace data entry requirements. Creation and maintenance of a skip trace data repository to leverage previously confirmed location information
SLK Global’s Helpdesk SLK Global’s helpdesk services include :
Hardware Support
Third Party Software Support
Monitoring Services
Enterprise Application/ Product Support
We have expertise in providing Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support
Our Experience
Centralized Commercial Support Center for a commercial banking customer more
Customer support in Mortgage and Consumer Loan servicing functions more
Online Chat Support for a Risk Management firm more
Customer support solutions more
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